Rack mount HDD enclosure, part 5

Build Log:

Let me start off with a simple question: why has Protocase never come up in my search results before? With their Protocase Designer software, I could create a CAD design of a 2Ux12″ enclosure with 4 cutouts in the front for 80mm fans plus a cutout for a 16mm vandal-resistant switch. Plus in the back of the case, I had a cutout for a FlexATX power supply (it’s actually just a square hole for the AC plug and holes for a 40mm fan, but close enough) and a cutout for the port multiplier.

And the software is the easiest I’d ever used for something like this. I’m not kidding. It is extremely intuitive. It comes with a pre-loaded library of cutouts for various things, and you can create your own cutouts if you know what you’re doing. Only downside is everything is in inches, and I’d love to see a metric option, so Protocase, if you happen across this, consider that an enhancement request.

And I was able to get an instant quote as well from the software:

Rack quoteFor a custom cut 2Ux12″ rack enclosure made from 18 gauge steel into which I’d just have to add what I’m going to be mounting up, with plenty of room for cabling and cable management… I’d say 138 USD is a pretty good overall price.

Their service promises turnaround of a few days, but I’m not going to place the order just yet. I’ll probably wait till later in the week if not till next payday.

In the mean time I’m going to be playing around with their software a bit more. I’ve got a couple other ideas in mind, and I’d like to see what kind of quotes I could get. Ordering multiple things at once could save on shipping.