Drive safe out there

It’s become something of a reflex for me. Whenever I part company with someone, I tend to almost instinctively say “drive safe”, or something like that. I started doing that while in college, and I’ll explain why, but I want you to watch this video first if you haven’t already seen it:

Thanks to my friend Stephanie for bringing this video to my attention.

In one week back in 2004, while I was in college, I lost two acquaintances to car accidents. I lost another friend, my college roommate, actually, six months before that tragic week. Last year while I was moving stuff down, I witnessed an accident on I-35, in which thankfully no one was killed, and I see people swerving through traffic all the time in fashions similar to what this video shows.

Please, drive safe out there. I don’t like seeing crosses on the side of the road.