I’d like your help

I’ve been searching for several years for one particular CD. I’ve tried keeping an eye on eBay, the Amazon Marketplace, and even local used book stores. Not even Napster, Rhapsody, and the iTunes music store have this, so you can probably understand my frustration.

Here’s the details…

Back in 2000, Sydney Forest released a CD called simply Collected Film and Television Works. It used to be available through her web site, when she had one. On the CD are two tracks from the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service, namely the English dubbed version released in 1998 featuring the voices of Kirsten Dunst and Phil Hartman.

You can see more about the CD over at Nausicaa.net. I’ve been on a soundtrack collecting kick lately, and this is one I’ve been trying to find for, as I said, several years. Any help would certainly be appreciated.

And if you haven’t seen Kiki’s Delivery Service, I suggest you rent it. I’d also recommend Spirited Away.


Nausicaa.net – CD soundtracks for Kiki’s Delivery Service [English OP/ED]