When overnight isn’t, Part II: FedEx screws up this time

This is the e-mail complaint I sent to FedEx through their contact system, Tracking->FedEx Ground->Re-routing of shipment, as a complaint:

Good day,

I placed the order for the given tracking number on 9/12/2014 to be delivered for Saturday delivery on 9/13/2014. Upon receiving the e-mail that the package had been picked up and was on its way, I attempted to customize delivery on the package to have it held for pickup at a FedEx Office location as I knew I would be out of town much of the day and wanted to be able to retrieve it on the day of delivery.

As the tracking information for this notes, the delivery change was acknowledged by the system. It even said the package would be redirected to FedEx Office. But the package was never redirected. Instead an attempt to deliver to my home address was made.

In other words, the delivery change was acknowledged by the system, but ultimately completely ignored. And as such I now must wait till Monday to receive my package unless there is a way you can get my package to me on a Sunday.

Thank you, FedEx. Thank you very much for screwing things up.