Stopped by police while carrying, revisited

Prior to this past evening, I had not been pulled over since 2010 when I got nailed for speeding. At that time I did not even own a firearm. This past evening, I was pulled over because one of our headlights was out. We were able to confirm such at a nearby gas station, where we were headed anyway.

When pulled over, after informing me he pulled us over for the headlight, he requested my license and insurance information, and I plainly informed the officer of my permit and the weapon I had on my person – lines I’d practiced numerous times. I had already pulled my money clip from my pocket and put it on the center console before the officer approached, my wife went for the insurance information, so everything else happened in plain sight of the officer.

I handed him the insurance info first, since my wife found that in short order, and then I handed him my license, then the separate ID with my CCW endorsement. He handed back that ID before taking my license and insurance information back to his car. When he returned to let us off with a warning about the light – i.e. get it replaced within a reasonable time frame – he thanked me for voluntarily disclosing that I had a weapon.