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Category Archives: Vaccines

Doxing anti-vaxxers

If you click on the “Vaccines” category for this blog, you’ll find two other articles preceding this one. Vaccines is one topic that probably riles people up more than abortion and gun rights. Combined. That said, I’m a staunch advocate of vaccination. It’s very safe and very effective at preventing the contraction of various communicable […]


Codifying child care

When you send your kids to a public school or private school, you have to abide by the rules of the game. It’s as plain as that. Public schools are owned and operated by the local or state government. As such, the government sets rules about attendance and those who attend. An obvious example of […]


With all this talk about H1N1, what is being missed?

Unfortunately H1N1 has claimed another life: Article: “Kansas Man, 75, Dies From H1N1 Flu” And this recent death is in line with what I’ve been hearing about H1N1: if you’re in good health, you have nothing about which to worry. Save the vaccines for those at greatest risk. Why are we a society so concerned […]