Uploading pictures to Instagram from Firefox on a desktop

I have an Instagram. Kind of.

And I despise that it doesn’t let you upload pictures from a desktop. At least out-of-the-box, it doesn’t allow for it. There is a way around it. Since I use Firefox primarily, I’ll be discussing that browser only. And this guide doesn’t require any plugins. Nothing to install.

Doing this involves a feature in Firefox called “Responsive Design Mode”, which is a way of testing websites on a couple mobile platforms. If you have a website, this feature comes in very handy for testing if your site is platform “responsive”

First, open a new tab or window. There are two ways to open “Responsive Design Mode”. Ctrl+Shift+M is the keyboard shortcut. If you don’t want to do that, then open the Options menu, and select “Web Developer” down near the bottom.

Then select “Responsive Design Mode”.

At the top you should see a toolbar, one of which is a drop-down with several devices listed. You’ll see I already have “Kindle Fire HDX” selected, but there are several other options. Unfortunately I’ve found this really only works with one of the phone options. But at least it works!

Now, just go to Instagram. You’ll see their page is “responsive”. You should also see the + icon down at the bottom, which will allow you to select a picture from your desktop to upload as if you were on a tablet or phone.

All the functionality is there without the pain of having to use the on-screen keyboard to type out a description or enter hashtags.