Redirecting UPS packages

If you’re a UPS MyChoice subscriber, you likely received this alert in your e-mail recently:


The second point caught my attention: automatically having all packages redirected to a UPS Access Point location or UPS Store. That’ll save me from having to manually redirect all packages, since I always have UPS deliveries held at the UPS Customer Center off James Street in Kansas City, KS — it’s only a little out of my way, plus the hours are very convenient since they’re open till 8pm in the evening.

Except UPS Customer Centers aren’t included in the Access Point network. So I decided to send a note off to UPS asking them to expand the service to include Customer Centers:

Recently UPS introduced the ability to automatically hold all packages at UPS Access Point locations or UPS Stores. When having a package redirected, I always choose the UPS Customer Center in my location due to the hours. I’d like to see the service expanded to include UPS Customer Centers instead of only allowing it for UPS Store and Access Point locations, since the UPS Customer Center in my area has better weekday hours.

Hopefully they’ll expand it. As I said, the Customer Center has better weekday hours — open 8am to 8pm. It’s just a hell of a lot more convenient for me when it comes to receiving packages. Most UPS Store locations in my area open later and close earlier. UPS Store locations would allow for Saturday pick-up, but I don’t really care about Saturday pick-up for UPS. They rarely do Saturday delivery, and, before that announcement, having it held at a UPS Store would have cost $5 per package. So if I needed Saturday pick-up, I’d typically go with FedEx and have it held at the 24-hour FedEx Office location only a couple miles from my apartment.

So I’d like to see UPS include the UPS Customer Centers in their list of places where I can have a package automatically redirected so I no longer have to do it manually every time.