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Monthly Archives: July 2012


An opinion is no longer merely a personal opinion when you start to put your money behind it. In the case of Chick-Fil-A, contrary to the assertions of one former-governor Mike Huckabee, it is not Dan Cathy’s personal opinion that is getting Chick-Fil-A fileted in public. Oh no, not when that company has donated millions […]


Making it home

It’s been said that nothing makes you more aware of your mortality than nearly meeting it. Tonight, I met mine. An intersection along my route home in Kansas City is Marion Park Rd and Bannister Rd. It is a T-intersection with Bannister running east-west. Along that road it isn’t uncommon for people to race the […]


Punishing the innocent

Had I had any inkling of what would’ve occurred later in the week, I would not have posted my previous article. That isn’t the first time I’ve had interesting timing on posting articles, and thankfully it is the only time where that timing coincided with people losing their lives. And predictably in the aftermath, there […]


Blaming guns

This seems to be the point of view, I’ve noticed: if a person kills another person with a knife, the killer is blamed, but if a person kills another with a gun, the gun is blamed. This point of view becomes even more pronounced when a person’s death is entirely accidental, but the result of […]


Focusing on the flag

Speak to virtually any atheist in the United States and they’ll tell you that they don’t support the pledge of allegiance and find it to be a violation of the Establishment Clause, and all of that based on two simple words: “under God”. In fact whenever any atheist discusses the pledge of allegiance, that is […]