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Monthly Archives: May 2012


Eventually every cat owner comes to discover that they do not own their cat, instead the cats are the rulers of the house, with taxes paid in the forms of cat food, water, and whatever time they demand of you for attention.


Commentary on Memorial Day

Mmm… Memorial Day. Allegedly this holiday, celebrated the last Monday on the calendar in the month of May each year, is where Americans take the time to remember those who have fought for the rights and freedoms that we enjoy. In practice, however, this isn’t the case. Instead most people will be observing this holiday […]


People just don’t understand technology

I really love how people broadcast their own vision of the future because it really shows how naïve some people can really be – “the technology I use is what the next generation will be primarily using” is pretty much the sentiment. And not failing in this regard is Avram Piltch’s article in called […]