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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Science and ideology

Science knows no ideology, so it upsets me greatly when people attempt to use scientific findings or conclusions to support their ideologies, whatever they may be. I hold a few ideologies, but those views are not compelled by science or scientific evidence or findings, but they are not contradicted by them either. For example I […]


Putting nationalism ahead of freedom and the Constitution

For a moment think about how the pledge of allegiance is typically recited. Think back to when you recited it in school. Was it with any kind of patriotic enthusiasm? In most cases, likely not. It’s typically mindlessly regurgitated in a monotonic, rhythmic, mechanized fashion by drowsy, unquestioning students at the start of a government-mandated […]


Give credit where it belongs

Being on Facebook, occasionally you see people post things that catch your attention, such as this little number: Here’s an update on my wonderful son-in-law, GOD has been working his healing hands on him!!!! Everyday since Sunday 3-18 [redacted] has been showing improvement. This has taken ALL of us to our knees. GOD is good […]


Rick Santorum is not electable

Rick Santorum seems to be the top contender to Mitt Romney in the current race for the Republican nomination. Gingrich is, thankfully, without a prayer in this race, and I certainly wish Ron Paul was doing quite better. But of the two front-runners, only Romney actually has a chance of beating Obama in November. The […]


Cry, the Beloved Constitution: A rebuttal

When reading of the New York Times discussing the Constitution of the United States, I often expect that they will, in many ways, get it wrong. And thankfully a recent op-ed authored by J. Harvie Wilkinson, III, proved to be no disappointment. What is mildly disappointing, however, is that Wilkinson is a judge. Not just […]


The jury

It’s not often that I respond to a comment with a separate blog post. I’ve done it only a few times here. What prompts it is when I think that merely a comment in reply would be insufficient. So here I find myself revisiting Casey Anthony once again to respond to this comment on my […]