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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Yes, it is also freedom FROM religion

One phrase that is quite common in the United States is simply this: “It’s freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion”. This is the typical sentiment whenever atheists try to assert the position of the Constitution with regard to government entanglement in religion. Here’s a sentiment of mine: the Constitution doesn’t talk about establishing a […]


Resetting the clock on old debts

This time ABC News correspondent Elisabeth Leamy attempts to tackle the issue of old debts and a concept called “debt re-aging”. Is she spot on or should she have done more research? Article: “Debt Re-aging Dangers: Use Caution When Contacted About Old Past-Due Bills” First, what is “debt re-aging”? The “re-aging” part of the name […]


Revisiting Casey Anthony, because some just don’t give up

The search terms keep coming in. People just will not let go of the Casey Anthony trial. There’s even a website called, which allows you to sign a petition regarding Caylee Anthony: We the undersigned demand justice in the murder of little Caylee Anthony. It is our belief that Casey Anthony should be found […]


It’s all about the children!

As I mentioned in a previous post, a common argument against same-sex marriage is that the State licenses marriages as part of their interest in promoting procreation among its citizens. It was an argument tried in the Federal case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger. And as the argument goes, as same-sex couples cannot produce children (despite […]