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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Would you support such a measure?

Quoting a news report: Revocation of all marriage licenses issued in Nebraska in cases where no children are born within two years, making exceptions for physical disabilities when properly certified by a physician, was proposed here today by City Health Commissioner A. S. Pinto. Dr. Pinto announced that the [sic] would support such a bill […]


Reading too much into a gift

Valentine’s Day is approaching, meaning yet another holiday where gifts are mandatory for relationship peace and harmony. So let’s talk about gifts. And it seems that the one area where guys should definitely be cautious when shopping for their significant other is with gifts involving sex. And I can understand why. Giving any kind of […]


Revisiting Gabrielle Giffords

It has been a little over a year since the tragic attempt on Representative Gabrielle Giffords’s life. First we must not forget that a Federal judge was also killed that day and the life of a 9 year-old girl was cut hopelessly short. But at the same time, we cannot forget her congressional district. Every […]