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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Avoiding the scam artists

Scam artists are always looking for new ways to get your money or information. They modify their scams so they are more sophisticated and able to seduce more people. Sometimes, though, your bullshit meter just goes off and it’s hard to ignore. Such was the case when a letter addressed to my wife was mailed […]



The answer you receive to any question regarding miracles will depend greatly on the person you are asking. Some will say that miracles occur all the time while others will say that everything has a rational and reasonable explanation, even if finding that explanation is difficult or even impossible depending on the circumstances of the […]


Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens April 13, 1949 – December 15, 2011 I first discovered Christopher Hitchens about 5 years ago when I was browsing YouTube. Someone had posted a copy of a lecture he’d given at the University of Toronto in which he was discussing the right of free speech and the various ways it is being […]