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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Ron Paul and the Federal courts

I’m surprised that the Republican establishment isn’t more in favor of Ron Paul. He is delivering on a part of the Republican platform that I’m sure plenty of other Republicans would love to see enacted, or at least the hardline Christian conservatives. How so? HR 958 – We the People Act This bill was introduced […]


Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, I know you are disappointed that I am an atheist. But you do remember that you never actually exposed me to any religion. In fact you made it a point to not do that. You allowed me to discover the world and universe for what it is, including all the various […]


Public schools and the Ten Commandments

The time has come for another revisit on the First Amendment and public schools, namely the protections of the First Amendment regarding religious freedom. Namely the revisit is regarding the Ten Commandments, brought to you by the School Board for Giles County, Virginia. So let’s make the question very plain: does a school violate the […]


Trading one religion for another

While it is uplifting to read of more and more teenagers "seeing the light" and leaving Christianity or whatever religion held their mind captive, what I’m seeing as a side-effect of this is certainly not uplifting. And the best way I can summarize this side-effect is basically to call it "trading one god for another". […]


Religiously-motivated bullying–with the approval of the State

Recently the Senate for the State of Michigan approved a bill that has been receiving a lot of press and was touted by Sen. Gretchen Whitmer (D) as a "Republican license to bully": Of all the organizations that I support, it came as a shock to me that the CATO Institute would actually speak out […]