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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Rejecting God: Why are atheists so hated?

On YouTube is an atheist named darkmatter2525. About two weeks ago he posted a video called "The Real God: An Epiphany" (see below), in which he argues something similar to what I said here back in January: that God is all in your mind and nothing more. His epiphany, so to speak, comes about from […]


Gabrielle Giffords

Over the past couple years I’ve discovered that I hold quite a few points of view that are unpopular. Well herein I’m about to express another, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to get on the nerves of pretty much every Democrat in Arizona, if not the United States. So if you’re a Democrat, prepare […]


Amending the Constitution

A columnist on Yahoo! recently posted a list of 7 ways Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) would like to change the Constitution. Of those seven, only two are ones I agree with which I agree. I’ll link to blog posts describing my agreement rather than reiterate that here, but the others I’ll go into detail. Before […]


Overturning a “Not guilty” verdict

This is one delusion that needs to be nipped in the bud. Plenty of people are under the delusion that a judge can overturn a “not guilty” verdict returned by a jury. And I know from reading around that this is due to a major confusion regarding our entire court system, not just the criminal […]