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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Gadgets you can keep

Recently the New York Times ran an article by Sam Grobart called "Gadgets You Can Get Rid Of (or Not)" in which he severely downplays the usefulness of many gadgets still available, even if their demand is waning. In some cases he’s right, but let’s wait till the end to tally his score. 1. Desktop […]


To all Christians

To all Christians, On March 11, 2011, about a thousand citizens of Japan lost their lives when an earthquake erupted in the floor of the Pacific, sending a tsunami cascading not only toward Japan, but also toward Hawaii. In Japan there is concern about a nuclear power plant that sustained damage due to the tsunami. […]


What’s in a name?

A man marries a woman. Traditionally she takes his last name, but some woman opt against doing this for various reasons. Who knew that the idea of a woman not taking her husband’s name could create a firestorm? Okay, perhaps it’s inevitable. After all, this is the Internet and people will argue about anything on […]