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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Marriage = Commitment?

I’m a guy who is of the belief that when you read stuff intended for women, you learn more and best about what women want and how women think. As such I find myself reading sites like Yahoo! Shine, which has a section on Love and Sex. In that section today was an interesting article […]


Alleviating deadweight

You know, there’s one very simple way the government can reallocate billions of dollars in revenue that quite literally does nothing because it is nothing but virtually permanently labeled tax money, and I’m surprised no one has discussed this at all. So what’s the solution? It’s quite easy, I promise. Make all salaries of Federal […]


Rent or Buy?

There’ve been plenty of blogs written about whether it is better to rent your residence or buy it. In the course of all of these blogs, there’ve also been plenty of misconceptions that have arisen. Now I’m renting my third apartment right now, and I’ve never owned. So right away I guess that disqualifies me […]