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Category Archives: Espresso

Storing coffee

Depending on where you read, you could find all kinds of methods for storing coffee. There are all kinds of specialty air canisters and the like, but often it is the simple solutions that work best. For the longest while I had been buying coffee from The Roasterie here in Kansas City. Typically I’d get […]


Contacting De’Longhi

Recently I needed to contact De’Longhi about an issue I had been experiencing with my EC-155 espresso maker, so first a little background in case you’ve had a similar issue. Here’s how I make a latte: Let the machine warm up at least the requisite 15 minutes the manual suggests. When the machine is warmed […]


De’Longhi EC-155: A great espresso maker, so long as you keep a few things in mind

Note: This is a reproduction of an review I wrote on this machine. I purchased this espresso machine in April 2012 from a different retailer and I’ve enjoyed having it. Before purchasing the EC155, however, I did a significant amount of research before settling on this one. It’s a great little machine, and I […]


Upgrading the De’Longhi EC-155 steam wand

Recall from previous articles (here and here)that I changed out the portafilter basket on my De’Longhi EC-155 espresso maker from the stock pressurized basket to an unpressurized basket. Well I decided to see how much further I could upgrade it. Along with the portafilter basket, the only thing that could really also be upgraded on […]


Follow-up on De’Longhi EC155

Recall from an earlier post that I said a good alternative for the De’Longhi EC155 (and similar machines) for getting a non-pressurized basket is to use the basket for the La Pavoni Millennium espresso machine and flatten out the rim. Since that post was made, I’ve made a few purchases. First is the grinder. I […]


Relieving some pressure

After much searching around and research, I purchased a De’Longhi EC155 espresso maker. Now this espresso maker is certainly quite good for a little machine, but there are some limitations on it. For an espresso maker that can be had for $100 or less, depending on retailer, this is no surprise. It has a single […]