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Contacting De’Longhi

Recently I needed to contact De’Longhi about an issue I had been experiencing with my EC-155 espresso maker, so first a little background in case you’ve had a similar issue. Here’s how I make a latte: Let the machine warm up at least the requisite 15 minutes the manual suggests. When the machine is warmed […]


De’Longhi EC-155: A great espresso maker, so long as you keep a few things in mind

Note: This is a reproduction of an review I wrote on this machine. I purchased this espresso machine in April 2012 from a different retailer and I’ve enjoyed having it. Before purchasing the EC155, however, I did a significant amount of research before settling on this one. It’s a great little machine, and I […]


Upgrading the De’Longhi EC-155 steam wand

Recall from previous articles (here and here)that I changed out the portafilter basket on my De’Longhi EC-155 espresso maker from the stock pressurized basket to an unpressurized basket. Well I decided to see how much further I could upgrade it. Along with the portafilter basket, the only thing that could really also be upgraded on […]


Follow-up on De’Longhi EC155

Recall from an earlier post that I said a good alternative for the De’Longhi EC155 (and similar machines) for getting a non-pressurized basket is to use the basket for the La Pavoni Millennium espresso machine and flatten out the rim. Since that post was made, I’ve made a few purchases. First is the grinder. I […]


Relieving some pressure: De’Longhi EC155

After much searching around and research, I purchased a De’Longhi EC155 espresso maker. Now this espresso maker is certainly quite good for a little machine, but there are some limitations on it. For an espresso maker that can be had for $100 or less, depending on retailer, this is no surprise. It has a single […]