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Category Archives: Charity

Giving the gift of well-being

Ah Christmas. Certainly a great time of year, where people are generous – or at least try to be – and people become upset at the gifts others thoughtfully bought them. That’s why December 26th is the day customer service departments all across the country loathe. So how can you prevent your gifts from being […]


Nudity and prudery

Everyone is born nude. We find pictures of nude babies and nude young children “cute”. However should an adult appear in the buff, it seems that the response in this country might as well be “All hands to battle stations!” In case you haven’t heard, recently Meghan McCain, liberal daughter of populist-conservative Senator John McCain, […]


Praying for me

Anyone who’s read a bit of this blog knows how I feel about prayer. Several who know me know that I’ve used words more harsh than I’ve published here to describe and discuss it. However I know that there are many strong-willed Christians who still won’t take the hint, so I have an idea. First, […]