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Category Archives: Capitalism

Misunderstanding profit

When it comes to business reports, the concept of profit has to be one of the most misinterpreted items on a company’s balance sheet. What is it, what does any particular number mean, and why are some companies posting insane profit numbers while not “sharing the wealth”? Well let’s get into this. Now “profit” is […]


Student loan smokescreen

President Obama’s latest focus on student loans is a vapid response to the unemployment issue: We should be doing everything we can to put higher education within reach for every American — because at a time when the unemployment rate for Americans with at least a college degree is about half the national average, it’s […]


Creating Jobs 101

In the current unemployment climate, the one piece of empty rhetoric you constantly hear is "creating jobs": "Obama created jobs" "Bush’s tax cuts didn’t create any jobs" And yet when you look around, unemployment is still very high, underemployment is high, and many people are scraping the barrel to make ends meet. "Where are all […]


An observation

First, let’s define a couple things. Pure capitalism and the free market mean that the market participants determine who of the market competitors survives. The competitors must adapt to a change in demand, try to change the demand in their favor, or die trying. Capitalism has been vulgarly called "economic Darwinism". Natural selection says virtually […]


Self regulation

One of the primary principles of libertarianism, and also capitalism, is the idea of self regulation: people will naturally want to find a way to co-exist that is peaceful and cooperative. One of the more interesting aspects of self regulation is how this can occur, automatically, without law or law enforcement. Both Democrats and Republicans […]


Error message

Recently I received an error message trying to run a capitalist application on a socialist operating system: Fatal error: Success Apparently success is an error with socialism, and a fatal error at that!