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Homo wifius

“And here we are today on the trail of the elusive creature, Homo wifius, also known as the American wife. It’s late in the morning, but it’s still early for the breed of his creature we’ve heard reports could be found in this very house, and that is the Kansas City Christina wife.” I walk […]


Science and ideology

Science knows no ideology, so it upsets me greatly when people attempt to use scientific findings or conclusions to support their ideologies, whatever they may be. I hold a few ideologies, but those views are not compelled by science or scientific evidence or findings, but they are not contradicted by them either. For example I […]


An observation

First, let’s define a couple things. Pure capitalism and the free market mean that the market participants determine who of the market competitors survives. The competitors must adapt to a change in demand, try to change the demand in their favor, or die trying. Capitalism has been vulgarly called "economic Darwinism". Natural selection says virtually […]


Reporting on science

According to the Associated Press, a new “theory” has been devised to explain Saturn’s rings.1 The rings have baffled science for centuries, and I don’t believe we have any concrete idea on how they were formed. We know what they are, being composed of about 95% ice, with the remainder being mostly rock. But how […]