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Category Archives: Censorship

Words of a politician

One thing that I feel is rather telling is how Republicans and social conservatives are reacting in a rather predictable fashion to revelations of things that Obama has said when he presumed the conversation was private. The question that springs to mind is simply this — what kind of ill-worded statements originating from President Bush’s […]


"That’s obscene, and I’m offended!"

What do John Stagliano, Lizzy Borden, and Rob Zicari have in common? All three were prosecuted under Federal obscenity laws. Lizzy Borden and Rob Zicari were sentenced to 1-year prison terms while Stagliano’s indictment was dropped by the Court. ReasonTV recently did a story on the idea of obscenity: The idea of obscenity is, in […]


Tom & Jerry

Censorship with the vintage Tom and Jerry cartoons is a horse beaten so far beyond death that flies are buzzing around horse pulp instead of a carcass. As such, I’m not going to discuss the censorship per se, but instead provide some information for collectors. I have all three volumes of the Tom and Jerry […]