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Category Archives: Democrat platform

Some basic math for Occupy Democrats

Occupy Democrats has been posting a bunch of memes to Facebook talking about the call for a $15 minimum wage. And the way they are trying to support the idea is comparing against the “hourly wage” of a corporation’s CEO. The idea is flawed for two reasons: CEOs don’t work the “traditional” 40/hrs per week […]


Revisiting racism and guns – liability insurance

Here’s a question: what ideas have the anti-gun left devised that will not adversely affect the poor and minorities? One idea that’s floated around a bit is liability insurance. The idea is that since you’re required to carry liability insurance to drive, a gun owner should also be required to carry liability insurance. And if […]


The politics of prayer, addressing political platforms

The Republican Platform mentions prayer twice. The first mention is on page 44-45: We will energetically assert the right of students to engage in voluntary prayer in schools and to have equal access to school facilities for religious purposes. I should note that the Democratic Platform is silent with regard to prayer. A search for […]


Independent health insurance

One thing in this health care debate that has frustrated me to no end is how both Republicans and Democrats make it seem like unless you have a job you cannot have health insurance at all. Well this is kind of true as without the job you can’t pay for insurance, but they make it […]