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As much as I advocate for free market capitalism — you know, the ability to enter into whatever transactions you want, so long you’re not… say… hiring a hitman to take out that annoying man known as your mistress’s husband — even I have to admit that it’s tempting to call for restrictions on the […]


Making it home

It’s been said that nothing makes you more aware of your mortality than nearly meeting it. Tonight, I met mine. An intersection along my route home in Kansas City is Marion Park Rd and Bannister Rd. It is a T-intersection with Bannister running east-west. Along that road it isn’t uncommon for people to race the […]


Self regulation

One of the primary principles of libertarianism, and also capitalism, is the idea of self regulation: people will naturally want to find a way to co-exist that is peaceful and cooperative. One of the more interesting aspects of self regulation is how this can occur, automatically, without law or law enforcement. Both Democrats and Republicans […]


Drive safe out there

It’s become something of a reflex for me. Whenever I part company with someone, I tend to almost instinctively say "drive safe", or something like that. I started doing that while in college, and I’ll explain why, but I want you to watch this video first if you haven’t already seen it: Thanks to my […]


I’m really starting to hate Tuesdays

Here’s my typical route to work: US-169 SB transition to I-70 EB for a 1/4 mi before merging to US-71 SB en route to Bannister Rd. Typical travel time: 20 min on a good morning, 25 to 30 typically. This morning: accident on US-169 SB before I-70, accident on I-70 EB before the US-71 transition, […]