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Yesterday I alleged that I had been blocked from commenting on the right-wing blog “The Right Scoop”. This allegation is not correct according to an article posted this morning by The Right Scoop. Apparently a number of people, including those with conservative-leaning political views, also were blocked due to an apparent glitch in the Disqus […]


Self regulation

One of the primary principles of libertarianism, and also capitalism, is the idea of self regulation: people will naturally want to find a way to co-exist that is peaceful and cooperative. One of the more interesting aspects of self regulation is how this can occur, automatically, without law or law enforcement. Both Democrats and Republicans […]


The Bill of Rights and Immigrants

Question: Does the Bill of Rights apply to immigrants? Recently I’ve been getting into some interesting discussions with my cousin’s husband. Many of these discussions tend to involve abortion, as he is adamantly “pro-life”, but recently he made some comments regarding the Constitution and its applicability, or lack thereof, to non-citizens. First, to say the […]